Try There Are 7 Weapons, Drive Off Riot Makers Can Be Easier

Wow, it’s really crowded with the problems of some demonstrators who made this riot. Not finished until now even though the results are clearly visible, making the surrounding residents nervous. Even though it’s better to play games at home, right?

Speaking of video games, there are some weapons in the unreal world which can actually be very helpful to disperse the masses. The weapons were not injurious, but they were very effective and that was what the authorities needed in preparing for the demonstration. These are these extraordinary weapons

1. Sticky Shocker

This is the weapon that appears in the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory series. Instead of ordinary bullets that are often used to take lives, sticky shockers fire electric bullets that make the bullet hit unconscious. With this weapon, even violent rioters can be disabled without the need to hurt them.

2. Tranquilizer Rifle

Anesthetized rifle alias. Actually this is in our world and is often used to catch wild animals, but in the case of Deus Ex: Human Revolution this weapon is very effective. The effect of the lulling shot can only be felt after some time unless the shot is directly on the head. Instead of crowded at night, it’s better to sleep. Yes, right?

3. Shrink Ray

Alias reducers shot. This weapon will immediately shrink the person who is facing you. Inside Duke Nukem 3D, this weapon is very strong because it can instantly knock out the enemy.

It’s not killing him, except after you step on it. Uummm, maybe in the case of a riot maker, there is no need to step on it because it should be enough to shrink their bodies to make them afraid.

4. Gal Gun

This gun fires pheromones. Do you know what pheromones are? It is a scent that is not smelled by the nose, which usually comes out from our bodies or animals, to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

In high enough doses, this pheromone can make it aroused to fatigue. It can be most suitable for young children, but to be honest the further effects are unknown. It could be that they will be weak, maybe they will get wilder.

5. Solar Gun

Metal Gear Solid is famous for its weapons that cannot kill, but solar gun is the most special. This weapon ammunition comes from the power of the sun and when it is exposed to people, the stamina will instantly disappear instantly, causing it to faint instantly. Very suitable for riot makers. Take away their stamina, so they won’t be crowded anymore.

6. The Mesmetron

The Fallout series has unique weapons. One of them is Mesmetron. This weapon fires hypnotic wave energy, allowing the shooter to control those who are shot without needing to hurt him.

Delicious also means. Automatically, with this weapon you can tell the riot makers to return to their homes peacefully without them noticing.

7. Portal Gun

As the name implies, this weapon fires a portal that can transport you to other distant places automatically. In the Portal series, this weapon is used to solve puzzles to get to the next level, but if in the case of a riot maker, it can be used to immediately move to a remote place that would not interfere again.

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