indonesian cuisine

Try 6 Globally Popular Indonesian Cuisine. You’ll Be Hooked!

Indonesia is a country with a variety of local cultures and traditions. If you come to Indonesia you will find a variety of local cultures that have been inherited hereditary. One that you shouldn’t miss is tasting food in Indonesia.

Indonesian food is well known for its authenticity and how they show the nation’s identity. No wonder the international community also likes Indonesian food. No exception to people from different parts of the world. Like some of the following foods:

indonesian cuisine

1. Gado-Gado

Special Javanese food that can be referred to as “Saladnya” Indonesia is quite famous abroad, especially in Naples, Italy. This is because the Gado-Gado was once included in the competition that competes with the dishes from other countries and won the first place. From the aesthetic value that is owned, the uniqueness of the materials used, as well as the taste that is considered very high.
Gado-Gado consists of vegetables, such as cucumber, carrot, tomato, lettuce, tofu, tempe, boiled egg, bean sprouts, and given peanut sauce as a topping.

indonesian cuisine

2. Nasi Goreng

Every country has its own nasi fried menu. However, the taste of Indonesian fried rice is more distinctive because it wears a complete spice. No wonder that Indonesia’s nasi goreng also got in the list of the world’s most delicious foods. The 44 president of the United States of America Barrack Obama and international artists visiting Indonesia also loved the fried rice of Indonesia.

indonesian cuisine

3. Sop Buntut

Beef Sop Buntut, in addition to the popular Indonesian people, apparently also favored Spanish residents. They love this food since the first time the Indonesian embassy in Italy introduces our distinctive food diversity. The Spanish delight of beef is also satisfied with this oxtail soup.

indonesian cuisine

4. Rendang

In addition to the people of Indonesia, the typical food of West Sumatra is also famous to all corners of the world. Many foreign tourists say rendang like steak from Indonesia. Rendang was in the first place in the 50 lineup of the most delicious versions of CNN’s World food held in Germany some time ago. The taste is distinctive and its flesh is a major deciding factor.

indonesian cuisine

5. Sate

Sate Padang and Madura Satay become the most recognized variant and favorite of many people. Later, not only foreign tourists who seek and want to try satay, but a number of international restaurants have included satay on the menu. In New York, there is a restaurant called Satay Junction which serves chicken satay as its flagship dish.

Generally, the satay is made of chicken meat which is stabbed in roasted and seasoned with peanut sauce. Who thought, this simple food was able to captivate the tastes of many people in the world.

indonesian cuisine

6. Soto

It is incomplete to go to Indonesia without tasting this one. Yes, Indonesia is famous for having many variants of Soto scattered in various regions, such as Soto Betawi, Coto Makassar, Soto Ayam, Soto Sapi, and Soto Babat. Each spice and characteristic of each of them is what makes Soto one of the world’s most famous foods. The Ibaraki community, Japan, has also been accustomed to the flavors that some Indonesian students have introduced there.

Interested in tasting delicious Indonesian cuisine? You can feel it directly in Indonesia, because the food is very easy to find in the restaurant that is in Indonesia. The price of the food is also fairly cheap, with a capital of Rp 50,000 you can already feel a variety of typical Indonesian food. Let’s try!

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