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The Kind of Spices From Indonesia That Have Been Worldwide and Need to Know!

There is no doubt that Indonesia is known as the most spice producing country. Because of the climate and its geographical location, various plants can flourish in Indonesia. It includes spices that are widely used as a basic spice of cuisine, beverages, or as a natural remedy.
Spices are plants that have a very strong flavor and aroma. First spices are very valuable merchandise. Commonly used as a material for traditional medicine. But now it is more widely used in various foods as preservatives and flavors of food.

For those of you who love to cook Indonesian cuisine, it is important to know the names of spices that are often used in Indonesian cuisine. If you are abroad and want to know the English name, here is a detailed explanation of Indonesian spices. Starting from the name list of spices, its benefits and usually used in any cuisine and how to safe the spices.

kind of spices

1. Coriander Seeds

The coriander can be found in powdered and seed form. Both have the same benefits and functions. If you want practically, certainly buy the powder. But some still want to use the seed shape because it is considered more fragrant.
The shape of the seeds is similar to the pepper seed shape, but he has little tail. In America also known as Cilantro.
In dishes such as Soto, SOP, and rendang, coriander is added to add fragrance and flavor. In addition, the benefits of this coriander are also for digestive health. There are now coriander powder for more practical use, so there is no need to erode coriander seeds first before cooking.

2. Bay leaves

In Indonesia you can find Salam leaves in the form of fresh and dry, both fresh and dry can still produce a fragrant aroma in the cuisine. Usually, Salam leaves are needed in almost all Indonesian dishes such as soups, rendang, stews, and various other cuisines.
Even this greeting leaves can be used to prevent some types of diseases. If consumed daily will help reduce the symptoms of diabetes and heart disease. There are many other benefits of Salam leaves that I do not mention here. Because this time only stories about Indonesian spices.

3. Pepper (Pepper)

Pepper as a spice there are two types, namely black and white pepper. But the best known as spices is white pepper or usually known by Indonesian people with the name of pepper.
Pepper has the Latin name Piper Albi Linn. Pepper production that is very abundant makes the country has been crowned as the second largest producer of pepper worldwide. The area that provides the biggest supply is Lampung and Bangka areas.

kind of spices

4. Cumin Seeds

The shape is like small and light length rice. This cumin has a distinctive aroma that is spicy, hot, and gives a delicious taste to the cuisine. Indonesian cuisine that wears cumin is in curry, Opor Ayam, Gulai. Cumin also helps relieve abdominal pain and is antiseptic as well. Sold in dry form as in photos or powders.

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon in the world is divided into 2 types namely Cassia Cinnamon and Ceylon Cinnamon. What is commonly found on the market is Cassia Cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon is shaped like a hard wooden roll, it can be pounded until powder or used in cooking. The distinctive flavor makes this cinnamon often used in foods or baking. The Kejelekan of Cassia Cinnamon is that it contains a fairly high coumarins element, which if consumed in large quantities is even dangerous to health. Cassia’s cinnamon scent is stronger than Ceylon Cinnamon.

Ceylon Cinnamon forms are also like wooden rolls but are more fragile, more easily destroyed, and have coumarins elements in a slight amount, much less than the Cassia Cinnamon.
Both types of cinnamon help to control blood sugar levels. For more details, I will discuss in another article.

6. Pala (Nutmeg)

Nutmeg has a distinctive smell and flavor that is difficult to be replaced by other spices. In the past Europeans colonized Indonesia because of the want to master the results of the Earth in Indonesia including nutmeg.

The shape of the fresh nutmeg, must be cut in the, digeprek or shredded and put into the dish. For practical can wear nutmeg in powder form. The results of the cuisine will feel the same.

7. Cardamom

Cardamom has the Latin name Amomum compactum. In Indonesia there are 2 types of cardamom that is the cardamom of Java and India. It is usually characterized by small-sized black seeds and is the most expensive spice in the world today.
Cardamom is one of the spices that is used more widely in traditional medicine such as curing stomach ache, cough, and others.

8. Flower of Lawang/Pekak (Star Anise)

It is called Bunga Lawang or Pekak. Widely used in Indonesian cuisine, Chinese cuisine and Indian cuisine. It’s a typical and very exotic fragrance. The shape is like a star, there are small seeds in it. Its color is brown. Pekak can also be purchased in powder form for more practical use and storage.

That is a review of some of Indonesia’s spices that has been widely known in the world. You can use the spice to mix it into your dish so that it tastes delicious.

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