The Disadvantages of Community College

The Disadvantages of Community CollegeĀ 


While there square measure several distinct benefits which will be related to attending a junior college there square measure many disadvantages that i’d be negligent in not mentioning. we tend to all wish to cross-check the positive aspect of things and therefore the sensible in my opinion of community faculties, a minimum of as a springboard for university learning so much outweigh the dangerous. However, if you’re considering junior college as associate choice whether or not for your associate’s degree alone or have plans to maneuver on to the university level upon completion you must see the massive image and not simply the sunshine and flowers.


The first issue you must bear in mind of, and this is applicable primarily to those students with plans to transfer, is that you simply should consult the school you plan to attend next so as to create positive that the courses you’re seizing the junior college level are compatible with the core necessities for the university. In several cases they square measure similar enough to be thought of compatible however there are exceptions and it’s higher to search out this out sooner instead of later. If you propose to attend a University that’s settled close to the junior college you’re attending you must check and see if they need some form of articulation agreement that may permit associate’s degree graduates to transfer seamlessly.

Many states square measure stepping in and spending laws that need faculties within their specific states to simply accept junior college credits as transfer credits in a trial to stay qualified employees in the state. Some universities square measure even giving distance learning programs to associates degree graduates so as to permit access to students United Nations agency live a bigger distance from field to own access to academic opportunities that might are denied to them within the past. in fact if you reside in one in all these states, a former disadvantage could currently add your favor.

Many community faculties don’t supply housing opportunities and most of these that do square measure still for the most part commuter campuses instead of residence campuses. instead of disbursal funds on housing these faculties tend to order their disbursal to help in tutorial pursuits. Community faculties in rural square measureas are way more doubtless than those in larger cities to supply housing on field. the dearth of on-campus housing makes participation in sports and different activities a touch harder than faculties that square measure for the most part residential in nature.

If you opt to create a junior college your last stop once it involves your personal academic expertise you may be denying yourself a good deal of earning potential over the course of your period of time. For this reason you must seriously contemplate the advantages that transferring to a university can gift for your academic goals.


My largest criticism once it involves community faculties compared to larger universities was the very fact that there square measure such restricted opportunities to require specific categories than compared to those categories on a university level. you may realize that you simply should stay inside your sequence of courses on the junior college level otherwise you risk needing an additional semester or year so as to complete the wants for your associate’s degree. Universities tend to supply bigger flexibility, particularly in lower level courses that square measure needed by beat order to graduate.

My different major criticism once it involves junior college is that the proven fact that they usually have a lot of smaller libraries than universities. This seriously limits the flexibility that students have to be compelled to do intensive analysis with the exception of rare cases. Universities merely have deeper pockets than the common junior college. For this reason they’re going to have larger libraries and much additional bells and whistles than the common junior college. Hopefully we’ll see this modification over time likewise. Despite the disadvantages which will be related to junior college educations, I feel that they’re much outweighed by the advantages that the junior college learning setting offers.

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