benefit of saffron

The Benefits of Saffron, The Most Expensive Spice in The World!

Saffron or Flower Zafaran is a kind of herb that is sought after by people from different parts of the world. Now, the spices sold at the most expensive price in this world are in much demand by the Indonesian people. Saffron is sought after having very many benefits. To find out the efficacy of saffron, see the following article! Because this article will discuss the complete saffron or zafaran.

What is Saffron?

Before knowing the benefits of saffron, we should know what is saffron. Saffron is part of the Crocus sativus flower in the form of a poetic stem that is a link to the inside of the flower with the stigma (head of a flower putick).

Crocus flowers live in most of the Middle Eastern states, Kashmir (India), and some European countries, among them Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Spain, and Greece. To produce the ready-made saffron pistil, the crocus flower harvest process can only be done in a fairly short time, i.e. from late September to early December.

Not only that, in order to get the saffron pistil as we commonly consume, the saffron farmers have to process it with manual processes. Thousands to millions of flowers will be processed one by one by saffron farmers without using the help of machines. Just modelled tweezers to pick up every single piece of the bud. A ton of flowers can only produce 1 kg of saffron. Hmm already understand, why is saffron so expensive?
Saffron flowers contain safranal, zeaksantin, lycopene, vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, a variety of minerals that are important to the body, such as calcium, iron, selenium, zinc, manganese, potassium, and magnesium.

The quality of saffron is determined according to the levels of crocin (color), picocrocin (flavor), and safranal (aroma). Saffron with the best quality has a crocin rate of more than 270 if tested in the Laboraturium. The more content crocin then saffron quality is getting better.

Crocin is beneficial as an antidepressant, protecting brain cells from progressive damage, reducing inflammation, and also controlling appetite. So, for those of you who want to lose weight saffron can be one of the viable alternatives to try.

The benefits of saffron

benefit of saffron

A glimpse of saffron does look like a regular spice, but, who thought each of the saffron strands had a lot of efficacy. The benefit or efficacy of saffron has been felt by many who have routinely consumed it. Saffron is capable of addressing various health problems, such as cancer, improving brain health, beauty problems, giving calm effects, and much more. Here are some of the benefits of saffron that you can learn.

Relieve cancer

Quoted from style craze, in a study mentioning saffron is a spice that is rich in carotenoids, which can contribute as anticancer. Crocin compounds that exist in saffron can also inhibit the growth of colorectarian cancer cells. Thus effectively preventing breast cancer and leukemia, it can even cope with liver and prostate cancers. Saffron is considered a promising anticancer, although there must be further research to prove the connectedness of these compounds by healing cancer diseases.
Heal wounds

Saffron can also heal wounds, especially wounds caused by burns. This herb is used to enhance the re-epeation (healing) process of burns.

Promotes brain health

There have been some studies that show that saffron is effective at overcoming brain memory disorders. Administering 300mg of saffron every day showed an increase in the condition of the patient Alzeimer. The extracts of crocin and Ethanolic are able to work well in the body and give antidepressants, so as to provide calmness and improve the mood. Therefore, consuming saffron is rated suitable for treating depression.


In the piston or saffron flowers contain a variety of plant compounds that serve as antioxidants. These compounds have been associated with health benefits, such as reducing inflammation, as well as anticancer and antidepressant. The antioxidant is believed to protect the body’s cells from oxidative stress.

Improves mood and treats depressive symptoms

In a study said, consuming 30mg of saffron every day is equally effective with Fluoxetine, Imipramine, and Citalopram, a kind of conventional treatment for depressed people.

Saffron is considered to be able to provide tranquility because it has antidepressant compounds. Nevertheless, it still requires further research to reinforce the argument.
Increase sexual arousal

A person who has low sexual desire both men and women can try to eat saffron regularly for four weeks at a dose of 30mg every day. Regular eating of saffron can significantly improve erectile function, libido, and satisfaction in men. While women can increase sexual desire and relieve sex-related pain.

Decrease appetite and help weight loss

Who among us do not like to snacking? Most women are at least resistant to not snacking, but, most afraid of weight will increase. Well, consuming saffron can be one of the right solutions.
In a study conducted for eight weeks, women who routinely consume saffron feel much fuller, less snacking, and significants weight loss. can help reduce appetite and help prevent cravings for snacking.

However, there has been no further explanation as to how saffron works by limiting appetite and helping with weight loss. One theory mentions that saffron can improve mood, so that the effect decreases the desire to snack.

Reduce risk of heart disease

The antioxidant properties contained in Saffron Pues are able to lower blood cholesterol, preventing blocked blood vessels and arteries. Thus, it will reduce the risk of heart disease.
Lowering blood sugar levels

Routine eating saffron can also be believed to lower blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity in the body.

Provides beauty effects

In addition to consumption, saffron can also be used to enhance beauty by means of applied to the face. Saffron is known to have an antifungal content that makes it effective at treating pimples, stains, and blackheads, as well as making the face look brighter.

To make a bright face, simply mix 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder, 2-3 strands of saffron, and 2 tablespoons of milk. Then apply the mixture after cleansing the face. Massage the face thoroughly with a rotating motion and allow it to dry (about 20 minutes), then rinse with clean water.
As for making a clean face of pimples and blackheads, you can mix 5-6 basil leaves with 10-12 of saffron strands. Then, apply on the face and wait 10-15 minutes. Basil leaves are famous for its ability to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, while saffron can cope with stains in the face.

Having a healthy body is necessary to be cultivated, one of them is to routinely consume saffron. Spices that are rich in this benefit have gone through a number of studies that proved its efficacy in addressing health problems. The primary key to obtaining the health benefits of saffron is to make sure you have been consuming it routinely in reasonable dosages. Interested in trying? You can find the best quality saffron in Saffronindo. Good luck!

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