Stress Definition and All You Want To Know

Understanding Stress – In undergoing every episode and sheet of life, many events that are well aware or not affect your emotions and psychology more or less.

If you experience symptoms such as restlessness, stress, or unpleasant feelings in the heart that cannot be measured exactly what causes it, that is a sign that you are experiencing a phase called stress.

Sometimes stress that occurs unwittingly causes you to change behavior and habits.

Understanding Stress

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Clinically, stress is a form of physical, psychological, emotional and mental tension.

Which in the form of a response from the body can greatly interfere with one’s activities, which at high levels of tension can cause pain and mental disorders.

In many literature states that the definition of stress can be interpreted as follows:

An adaptive response, mediated by individual differences and / or psychological processes, is a consequence of each activity (Environment), an external situation or event that overloads psychological or physical guidance on someone.

Natural reactions to adaptation (adaptation) in the form of a psychological response in the form of an action to convey a reaction to pressure on someone.

Types of Stress

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Often you are hit by something called stress, consciously or not.

You need to know the types that infect your body, the following are the types of stress that are reviewed from the causes:

• Physical stress

It is an effect that occurs on the environment beyond human control and will, such as: temperatures that are too high or low, noise, too intense sunlight and so on.

• Chemical stress

It is stress caused by the influence of drugs or chemicals contained in a food, substance or can be caused by hormone factors.

• Stress the process of growth and development,

That is a type of stress event that occurs most when through a new phase of life process that affects the emotional psychological human, this can occur because of unpreparedness and lack of experience of something new, for example: puberty, the first day of school, days first received work, the first day after marriage, having children, and so forth

Causes of Stress Factors

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Many conditions – conditions that can cause stress that occur naturally from the encouragement of self and from outside around the environment where the individual is located.

Environmental Factors

In every sheet of life in undergoing daily episodes, uncertain environmental conditions can influence the individual’s mental condition.

In everyday life there can be various types of conditions that greatly affect stress levels with the following conditions:

Changes in the situation of the business climate and employment, causing a great pressure in influencing income which results in a decline in welfare which can lead to an anxiety of not meeting basic needs.

The situation of political stability, which has flared up in the democratic party ranga and in a demonstration from several groups which has resulted in the deprivation of other people’s freedoms such as: demonstrations that have caused extraordinary congestion.

Technological advancements, as technology develops, many people stutter to adapt to the latest technology.

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