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Hunting the Best Minimalist Lamp for Different Spots

Lamps are essential parts that illuminate our interior and decorate it at once.

Minimalist table lamp is even more important since it has the same function as rugs on floor and art on walls.

Some lamps are combined with excellent lampshade that turns them into the best focal points for any room.

When speaking about table lamp, you need to pick the right one for the right room.

When hunting for the right table lamp, you need to let your room’s size chooses the right one.

In this case, it is totally important the get your room measured before finding the lamp for the table inside that room.

What else you should know about finding minimalist lamp?

Scroll down and let these guides lead you.

The Right Minimalist table lamp for the Right Room

1. Measure your room before purchasing table lamp

contemporary minimalist table lamp

If you’re going to place the table lamp in a living room with low ceiling, get a short minimalist lamp.

Tall table lamp looks way better in a living room with taller ceiling.

For example, if your room has ten feet ceilings or more, thirty inched high table lamp will look awesome in that room.

Lower ceiling needs table lamps that are between twenty to twenty six inched high.

2. Adjust the table lamp with the table size

minimalist solid wood table lamp

You will not pick minimalist table lamp that is too big for your table.

When you put the lamp on your table, it should not take up the entire spaces on table.

Yet, avoid purchasing table lamp that looks too small when you place it on your table.

When the table lamp sits on your table, it should look proportional.

So it must be so important to choose the right table lamp according your table size.

3. Placing the minimalist table lamp in bedroom

minimalist table lamps

Ideal size of bedroom’s table lamp is the one that the shade’s width is half width of bedside table.

You may choose table lamp with wider shade but make sure the shade is no wider than the bedside table.

Table lamp with bigger shade has higher risk to fall to your bedroom’s ground.

Make sure you keep this in your mind while looking for bedroom’s table lamp.

4. Watch table lamp’s height before bringing it to your bedroom

minimalist solid wood table lamp bedside desk lamp

When you sit on your bed, your eye line must be below the bottom of your meja lamp’s shade.

If you are not following this important rule, you’ll end up getting bright light bothering you before you go to sleep.

Pick the right bedside table lamp that will help you sleep easily.

5. Find the best table lamp for your dresser

modern minimalist table lamp

Dresser’s height is the key for the best dresser lamp.

Tall dressers, three feet or more, must get twenty four inched table lamp or shorter.

Your dresser should get tiny table lamp, unlike the bedside table and your sofa side table that may get bigger or taller lamp depends on the height of the room and the table size.

Do you think that’s all you better know about purchasing table lamp?

You’re wrong then.

Be more informed by visiting and start decorating your interior with the most outstanding table lamp and other ornaments.

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