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6 Amazing Kitchen Ceiling Ideas (That Will Beautify Your Kitchen)

The design of your kitchen will ensure that you have nicely looking and functional cooking space. Its ceiling is not something that people will think about the first time, though, despite the importance. You can get some kitchen ceiling ideas. Here are some ideas you can take note from.

Vaulted Ceiling

Vaulted Ceiling
Image Source: armstrongceilings.com

People want to have small kitchen that is not crammed. There are many small kitchen ideas to achieve that. One of them is designing vaulted ceiling. It certainly makes your room bigger since it opens up the room vertically. Here are things to be considered prior to installing it.

The kitchen should not have upper floor.

Having good air circulation system.

Hiring expert for the designing process.

Preparing hefty budget for the design.

Exposed Beams

Source: teakwoodbuilders.com

Another idea is exposed beams. It means exposing the beams of your ceiling which were usually hidden behind the drywall. It is perfect for kitchen with rustic country style.

From architectural perspective, this style is creating dynamic visual interest in otherwise conventional looking kitchen. Do you know the best thing about it? You do not need to pay extra money to get this embellishment.

Coffered Ceiling

Source: homestratosphere.com

Adding some texture to your kitchen ceiling is definitely going to improve it exponentially. You can opt for coffered ceiling. It means creating sunken panels of certain shapes on your ceiling. The most common shapes are square and rectangle.

There are two ways to create this ceiling. The first one is by installing crossbeam framework but it will take away ceiling height. The second way is carving hole or creating indentations to the concrete.

Ceiling Tiles

Source: sochiclife.com

Ceiling tiles are among the most popular kitchen ceiling ideas. This method is preferred because you can choose from so many design variations. If you want classical pattern, you can definitely get it in the market. You also have option to be whimsical with your choice.

Ceiling tiles are also the less expensive option if you are on tight budget. To save up on money, you can even learn to install the tiles by yourself.

Window on the Ceiling

Source: freshome.com

It is better for your ceiling design to have functional use besides the aesthetical one. Installing window ceiling is like killing two birds with one stone. Your kitchen will get exposed with natural light and it looks pretty as well.

By utilizing natural light during the day, your power consumption for lightings will decrease significantly. It is not only friendly to your financial state. This ceiling feature is also great if you want to conserve energy.

Suspended Ceiling

Source: ozueastkitchen.com

You can try suspended ceiling for your kitchen. It means installing secondary ceiling which is hanging below the above floor slab. Suspended ceiling does not only look good. It also has some useful purposes.

The void between suspended ceiling and the floor slab can provide space for heat and air circulation in the kitchen. You can also install kitchen safety features there without messing up with kitchen interior. It is one of the coolest kitchen ceiling ideas.

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