How To Write a Sad Short Story

Many people interested in books, novels, and films with a sad storyline.

But not all these sad stories are truly conveyed to the reader.

How to package and present in the form of words must be appropriate from a writer.

Sad stories related to love stories are also commonly called melodramatic stories.

There are also sad stories about tragic events.

So first thing first you need to know about how to write a sad short story.

A sad story can be conveyed to readers if the author focuses on building interesting stories with strong characters.

In this way, the reader will be quickly affected by the sad events that the author made.

Before you start writing about sad stories, do pre-writing to think about sad topics that you understand.

The structure of your story writing follows the themes and basic elements you tell.

The things about how to make a sad short story:

1. Looking fo inspiration

Sad stories are very many kinds.
However, all that must be adapted to the theme and plot that you will make.
Finding inspiration for sad stories is needed, so the stories that we build can be perfect.
Read sad stories and ask friends for recommendations about sad stories.
Write topics that are on your mind on a piece of paper for 10 minutes.
Then sort out the situation that makes you sad and you want to write about the story.
There are many events that make people sad. The end of the relationship between the two partners or the end of a friendship that has lasted very long can cause sadness.
The death of someone who is very important in our lives can also make us sad.
Losing pets, moving to another city, fail to get the dreams are causes of sadness.
Think and consider what you think about sadness.
You can make sad stories from your own life.

2. Understand the structure and storyline

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The next tips you should note on how to write a sad short story is understanding the structure also the storyline.
Authors must know the basic structure of the story before writing sad short stories.
The story consists of 5 sequential lines which are exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution.
The first part of the story usually consists of exposition and rising action. In the exposition section, the author explains who the main character is and what is done at the beginning of the story.
The exposition must attract the reader’s attention and be briefly packaged.
Rising action in the story contains a series of conflicts or problems that are made at the beginning of the story.
In a story, there must be a problem to be solved.
Usually, in sad stories, this problem must have an element of tragedy.
For example, the main character has a long-time partner together.
One time, he escorted his partner to the hospital and learned that his partner had cancer.

3. Write a brief outline of your story

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Write the short story (cerpen) you made with a short line, starting from the problem, climax until how the story is finished.
To make it easier to separate the outline into 5 parts of the storyline: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.
By making these things, you can briefly know how this story works.

4. Start writing stories

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The things that must be considered when you start writing the story are A) use a strong opening sentence and offer some clues about what will happen in the story, B) make a strong relationship with your story for example by showing the relationship between the characters, so the reader will be experiencing a stronger emotional reaction, C) write your climax without feeling forced or melodramatic.

This is the main segments of the story.

Pack as best you can. D) Choose the appropriate end, at the end of this story the author must offer a resolution to the problems that occur.

A reader must be satisfied and may not leave questions or problems that exist unless this story will continue in the next edition.

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