Hans Von Ohain, the Jet Engine Inventor

Hans von Ohain was known as the inventor of jet engine. As many other inventions, it has given big contribution to jet engine like people know nowadays. It is not a brief journey to get the idea.

There is always a story behind an invention. The story is something that people can learn. It may even inspire others to invent something new again. In order to know how the journey of the development of the jet engine, let’s get started.

Early Life of Hans Von Ohain

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He was born with name Hans Joachim Pabst von Ohain and born on December 1911 in Dessau. It was in Duchy of Anhalt German Empire. Shortly, he was mostly known as Hans von Ohain.

He died in Florida, the United States on March 1998. During his life, he married to a woman namely Hanny Schukat. The two met in a Christmas dinner held by von Ohain’s parents for paperclip scientists. Together they had four childen in total.

The Development of the Jet

The first turbojet engine developed by Ohain was firstly started at the same time when Frank Whittle was also working on his project. Whittle was an inventor of turbojet engine. It was mentioned that their work was simultaneous.

However, Whittle had first started his invention in the late 1920s. In 1930, he patented the design he had made. Seven years later, Ohain came with his idea. The jet engine he made was named Heinkel HeS 1. It happened around 1937.

Good news to know that his jet engine was flown operationally in 1939 within the Heinkel He 178 aircraft. In 1941, Whittle’s jet engine followed the record. In 1944, jet engine from both Britain and Germany in operational jet was simultaneously used.

The Work with Heinkel

You may have guessed it right: why the jet engine has Heinkel’s name on it. It was known that Ohain worked for Heinkel back then. Ernst Heinkel was informed about Ohain’s idea regarding the jet engine. Heinkel who was interested in it finally agreed to work together.

A work hard of Hans von Ohain resulted in making several improvements of the model’s airflow. He produced again a new prototype and finally got a jet engine namely HeS 1. It was such a clear reason why the engine had Heinkel’s name.

After World War II

In 1947, Ohain went to the United States. He was brought by Operation Paperclip. There he worked for the U.S. Air Force. His career in it was increased little by little.

Although he dedicated himself in the air force, he still continued working on his own work. What he did for America had led him to several awards.

Honors and Awards

He had ever received a Citation of Honor, Systems Command Award, Air Force Special Achievement Award, Eugene M. Zuckert Management Award, and others. His name was also put in several halls of fame.

Hans von Ohain was remembered as a great inventor that gave a change in turbojet engine. Besides, he was known to be humorous, warm, and kind person to all people who knew him personally.

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