4 Fun Games for Funny Thanksgiving (for Adults and Kids)

Fun and funny Thanksgiving game is always needed to bring some laughs to the special family dinner and party during the holiday. If you do not want your entire family or party goers just spending time sitting on the couch playing their phones, try these games instead.

Turkey Waddle

In every Thanksgiving party, Turkey Waddle is a mandatory game to play. This game is so fun and kind of silly to play. It is such a great way to bond with the family.

Basically, Turkey Waddle is a relay race. To play the game, you need to blow up some balloons. The participants should place a balloon between their legs. Because the goal is getting to the finish line faster than everybody else, all participants must run as fast as possible.

The game is sure to trigger lots of laughs because running fast with balloon in between the legs is not easy at all. Participants often stumble and even pop the balloon during the race.

Thanksgiving Pictionary

Who does not like playing Pictionary? This classic game is always a fun game to play. It can be played by basically everyone of all age. In the game, you basically just divide the partygoers into two groups.

Each group will have a picturist. The picturist is given 60 seconds to draw a previously-selected word. While they draw, the rest of the team will have to try to guess the word. It is going to be so much fun because drawing in 60 seconds is not easy at all. You can also use Thanksgiving-related words to play the game, such as:





November, and so on

Family Trivia

Family Trivia is such a popular and funny Thanksgiving game. The holiday is indeed the time for family to get together, spending time with each others.

The game requires everyone to sit together on the couch. One person will act as a host and read the question cards. The questions revolve around the family history, embarrassing family facts, and so on.

It is the perfect game to get everyone involved and learn more about their family. The game will surely bring the family closer through a fun and relaxing way.

Turkey Hunt

Turkey Hunt is the simpler form of scavenger hunt game. This active game is going to get everyone off the couch and run around the house in laughter.

Essentially, the game is played by collecting as many Turkey cardboard cut-outs as possible. Previously, 12 or more cut-outs should be concealed around the house. The participants will have to search the entire house to collect them.

You can hide the Turkeys in tricky spots to make the game more fun. However, do not forget to leave clever clues in the instruction card, so the participants will not get bored.

Those are some of the best fun and funny Thanksgiving games that you can try. Surely enough, those games above are about to lit the party and make everyone happy.

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