7 Characteristics of Physically Infertile Men That Can Be Detected

The characteristics of infertile men must be understood early by a husband and wife partner. But unfortunately, infertility in men is indeed not detectable for sure from the start of the symptoms.

Usually this condition will only be discovered after a husband has struggled to get a child, but never gets a positive result.

The characteristics of infertile men can be known if you pay close attention, after that immediately consult a gynecologist if you are doing a program to immediately have offspring with your partner.

Infertility in men is very diverse in character, depending on what is the cause. Then what are the characteristics of infertile men? Reporting from the Healthline page, there are several things that are considered to be a sign, namely:

1. Decreased sexual function

When a man’s sexual function decreases, for example, it is difficult to obtain and maintain an erection, there could be a problem regarding his fertility. Men who experience this condition generally have problems with testosterone levels in the body.

If the hormone goes down, there will not be much sperm produced and this will be a feature of male infertility.

2. Testicular abnormalities


As an organ that produces testosterone as well as a place to make and store sperm, the health of the testicles is so important for male fertility. Some disorders that can occur in the testis such as cancer, varicocele or widening of the testicular blood vessels, and hydrocele or buildup of testicular fluid.

This condition can cause obstruction in the sperm ducts to cause the death of sperm cells because of increased testicular temperature.

3. Hair that grows only slightly

The characteristics of infertile men are on average caused by hormonal imbalances. When male sex hormones are at a low level, of course sperm growth can be disrupted.

If this is the case, the man can be barren. One characteristic is the lack of hair that is usually dominant in men, such as mustache and beard, foot hair, chest hair, and others.

But the lack of hair that grows, whether it’s in the area of the face or body, can also be caused by genetic factors and to race.

4. The testicles are swollen or painful

Conditions in which the testicles or testicles are painful and swollen due to erection or other diseases. Various infections can cause pain to inflammation in the area of the testis, such as infection with E. coli bacteria or due to bacteria that cause sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia to syphilis.

5. Pain during ejaculation

Generally the pain when ejaculating is due to a disturbance in the prostate and other organs inside the penis area. This condition can be a sign of a disruption in the male reproductive system. If men experience pain when ejaculating, it is strongly recommended to immediately see a doctor.

6. Low sexual desire

If you find low sexual desire, this can be a feature of the next barren man. This condition is probably due to hormonal problems. Because generally sex drive comes from a soaring male hormone called testosterone.

7. The shrinking of the testicles

Certain conditions such as disease, the testicles will experience shrinkage. This condition will cause sperm production to decrease so the chances of men experiencing infertility are fairly large.

Well, hopefully the characteristics of physically barren men above do not appear to all of us. From now on let’s pay more attention to the health condition of the penis so that sexual function continues smoothly.

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